Dress Code

  • No excessively baggy clothing (pants must be worn at the waist)
  • No shorts for men (including boxers or other underwear)
  • No Athletic Attire (sweats / gym clothes)
  • No Jerseys or team clothing
  • No baseball caps
  • No work boots, no sandals
  • No tank tops or sleeveless shirts for men
  • Always dress to impress

*Only exceptions will be for theme nights or costume parties.

Who is welcome at FWCS events

FWCS hosts events for couples and single ladies over 21. We will occasionally allow a small number of single gentlemen to attend our events, and they are held to the highest standards for behavior and respect.

Drinking & Drugs

Drugs of ANY sort will not be tolerated at any of our events, regardless of party venue. Anyone found using drugs, or with drugs on their person will be ejected from our event.

While drinking is always acceptable, excessive drinking will impair judgement and is not not permitted. Please know your limits and have a good time with moderation. It should go without saying, that outside beverages of any kind are not permitted at venues where alcohol is for sale by the venue.

Rules for Couples

Couples (and 3-somes) are expected to come together, play together and leave together. Singles may not bring a date as a 'ticket' in order to get an invitation as a couple. If you attend a party as a couple, you are expected to actually be a couple.

Bad Behavior

Breaking our rules will get you ejected from our event without a refund and could get you permanently banned. If we feel your behavior is egregious enough, we might inform other promoters who, at their discretion, could ban you from their events as well.

Our parties are intended to be fun for everyone. If you ruin it for other, you will not be welcome back.